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  • Place order




    1. Please log in iOrder. Click “New Order” on the left side of the page or “Quick Order” on the right side.


    Enter the URL of the item that you would like to buy in the field and click “Submit”.


    ♥ Please enter the original webpage URL of the item. Google translated URL will not be recognized.

    2. Please check and fill out the item's necessary information, then click “Add to shopping cart”.


    If some information cannot be retrieved, please enter them manually.

    Please enter additional information about the item (color, size, pattern etc) in the “Comments” field.

    If the picture does not show up, do not worry. It will not affect the purchase.

    3. Go to your shopping cart and pay for items.

    Go to “my shopping cart”, select the items you want to pay. In this interface, you will know the total amount of your items and your account balance.


    you can click “Delete” to cancel this order before you pay.

    You can click “select all” to select all the order you want to pay.

    You can click “Delete the selected” to cancel the order you have selected before.

    You can click “Add to my favorite” to add this order to your favorite.

    4. Click OK in the pop-up window to go to the next step.

    5. Click “OK” to complete.

    ♥  All the items that you have paid for will be moved to “Order Status”. Please wait for your items to be processed.

    ♥  Please go to "Order Status" to check the detailed item status.

    Note: What should I do if I want to ship same items by dividing into several parcels?

    You should order separately if you want to ship your same items by dividing into several parcels, for example, if you want to buy 10 rings and you want to ship them in two parcels, one parcel is 5 pieces and another is also 5 pieces, then you should place two orders, first order you can place one link with 5 pieces to get an order NO. and the second is also one link with 5 pieces to get another order NO., you can submit delivery to ship them according to your needs. You can submit two orders together to send them in one parcel or submit one by one to make two different parcels.


    1-click-order:You can make the order more simly than the placing an order.

    1 log in the site for your item, click the right key of the mouse,then choose”YB 1-click-order”

    2 Fill this purchasing form, click the “Add shopping cart” button to put the item into the cart.

    3 Finish the purchasing form.

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