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  • Payment & Charge

    iOrder total fee= first payment + second payment

    - First payment: Items fee + domestic shipping fee

    - Second payment: International delivery fee + Service fee + Storage fee + Customs fee + Insurance fee

      iOrder accept three payment methods : PayPal, Western Union, Webmoney.

    Items fee:

    The item price is shown on the shopping site you browsing.

    Domestic shipping fee:

    Most domestic delivery companies charge 10 to 30CNY per kilogram. The fee differs according to the courier, parcel weight and the distance between seller and buyer's locations

    International delivery fee:

    iOrder provide various delivery methods, such as: EMS, Airmail for small packages, Air Parcel, SAL Parcel, Domestic forwarding.

    Service fee:

    iOrder service fee = (Items fee + domestic shipping fee)*10%

    Our SVIP member will enjoy service fee 20% off, that is (Items fee + domestic shipping fee)*8%. You can use E-coupon to deduct service fee
    However, our minimum service charge is 5.6USD per parcel.

    Storage fee:

    iOrder members have 90 days free storage, when your free storage date has run out and you still haven't shipped them,  will start to charge 0.16 USD per item ID per day.

    Customs fee:

    We suggest that before shipping, iOrder customers take the initiative to find out policies of their local customs. In countries with high rate of customs clearance, there is no need to pay any fees. However, in countries with low rate of customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs.

    Note: Chinese customs fee is 8 CNY per parcel.

    Insurance fee (optional) :

    Insurance fee purchased at 3% of the total price (Items fee + domestic shipping fee + International delivery fee + Service fee + Customs fee).

    iOrder points & E-coupons :

    1) You can get iOrder points through various ways, such as; register as iOrder member, consumption, refer friends, add evaluation, upload avatar and so on.

    2) You can use iOrder points to redeem E-coupons. The E-coupon valid period is 30 days, it can deduct service fee.

    3) iOrder member grade: iOrder member, VIP member, SVIP member. If you have upgraded to SVIP member, you will enjoy service fee 20% off. on: